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  • I established “Terayama Foundation”, a general incorporated foundation, in April 2011.
  • I would like to express my heartfelt greetings and explain the purpose of the foundation.
  • One year after the end of World War II, I returned back to Japan from north of the 38th Parallel (which is now known as North Korea) after a difficult and hardship journey. Our family was very poor during my childhood. However, I was able to attend high school on a scholarship. While most kids had families that could afford to put them through school, a few students (including myself) were very poor and had no resources. Therefore, we needed the help of a scholarship to attend school. After graduating from a university, I worked for a company for 10 years before joining my father’s company. We had 20 employees at the time.
  • Going through the ever-changing business environment, the company grew into two core businesses: a precious and rare metal recycling business and an environmental preservation business. The company went public and became listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange, just after 26 years of my employment for the company. I believe the success was not only a result of the business matching the times, but also a result of being blessed with great support from many people. As repayment for the favor and the obligation, I realized the establishment of “Terayama Foundation” as my own way to contribute to society.
  • The purpose of the foundation is to:
  • 1 Support for those who are not able to afford academic learning or conduct research even though they have high skills and vision.
  • 2 Subsidize for individuals or groups who ask for financial assistant for inheritance of Japanese traditional culture.
  • 3 Support for overseas educational institutions by providing educational opportunities for poor children who cannot attend school and having insufficient tools to succeed.
  • The support given on a mid to long term basis so that the recipients receive enough support they need to accomplish what they envision. The only return I ask from the Foundation benefit recipients is to be in personal contact with them. I would like to communicate with persons or organizations both in Japan and overseas through e-mails, letters, photos, and interviews in order to learn and recognize the situation of their activities and life. Ideally, the foundation should be used up by the 20 years mark. If there is a remaining balance at the end, I will donate it to the activity that achieved the most efficient performance and result by then.
  • The foundation was derived from the sale of shares of Asahi Holdings, Inc. which I had owned. The foundation is entirely made up of volunteers: the foundation executives and the supporters of the registration and steering upon establishment.
  • It will be the greatest pleasure for me to know that the recipients of the support understand fully the purpose of the Foundation and the goodwill of many people for the support. I get the most enjoyment out of my life by learning the success of the recipients in the various fields domestically and overseas, which will lead the commencement of new service activities.
  •                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               14.July.2011

Mitsuharu Terayama

March 1940: Born in Hungnam, Hamju County, South Hamgyong Province (currently North Korea).
May 1946: While my father was a P.O.W. in the Soviet Union, my mother, elder brother (8), younger sister (4) and younger brother (2), and myself (6) crossed the 38th Parallel after 7-day-walk. After being sheltered at the Jogyesa temple in Seoul, we reached Japan from the port of Incheon on a ship bound for Hakata, Fukuoka Prefecture. One month after the arrival, got settled in Sendai, Kagoshima Prefecture.
March 1958: Graduated from Otemae High School in Osaka.
April 1964: Joined Kuraray Co., Ltd. after graduation from Tokyo University, Faculty of Economics.
July 1973: Retired from Kuraray and joined my father’s 20 employee company, Asahi Chemical Laboratory (currently Asahi Pretec Corporation).
Current: Chairman of Asahi Holdings listed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.