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The Foundation was established based on the funds gained from selling a part of Asahi Holdings shares. Asahi Holdings is where Mitsuharu Terayama, living in Ashiya city, Hyogo Prefecture, works as CEO. The Foundation is a 100% non-profit organization.

In addition to Directors, Councilors and Auditors serve without any compensation. Many advisors of the establishment and operation also agreed to serve without any compensation based on the purpose of the Foundation. The Foundation, full of volunteer spirits, is supposed to be completed for a maximum of 20 years with JPY500 million foundation. There is no economical requirement for benefit and support in return. However, progress reports are required for submission in order to learn the performances and the life situations of the person(s) or organization(s). It is highly regarded that the person-to-person relationships and bonding are very important. Missions for the Foundation is to be achieved only when the persons, who received benefit or support, inherit the spirit of the foundation and start new service activities.

1. Scholarship Project

In any field, young and progressive researchers carve out a path to a new era with courage and hope. In the dentistry field where Asahi Holdings have had many obligations for a long time, we support those who have the potentiality of wonderful leaders not only with an academic achievement but also with great personality.

2. Support Project for Japanese Culture

Japanese traditional culture is one of the world-class arts. The Japanese, however, have neglected making an effort to inherit the culture upon education. A number of Japanese, who do not appreciate the value of the culture, has been increased. The Foundation believes that familiarization and study of Japanese culture brings reviving the self-consciousness as Japanese.

3. Education Support in Developing Countries

Poverty is the very cause which brings the interference of human life. Poverty brings child labor, abuse, unsanitary environments, deteriorating security, and a hotbed of terrorism. Consequently it causes the destruction of the global environment. Education support in developing countries is inevitable for better literacy ratio and opportunities for education to solve the poverty.

4. Environmental Project

Contamination of global environment has been expanding, while our lives get abundant. It was 30 years ago that Asahi Holdings advocated “Doing our part to protect the nature environment and resources” and promoted the business. However, there seems to be a limit to promote the preservation by only one company. Continuing our daily activities for the preservation with patience is essential. Needless to say, these environmental problems need to be solved globally.